Suzanne Rigden is a respected voice teacher, and offers individual lessons, master classes, and workshops for choirs, focusing on such techniques as breath support, posture, vocal production, vowel modification, and blending. Recent high school students called her "a wizard" when reflecting on how much easier their high notes became in just one session. ​She has mainly provided these services in Montreal (including giving vocal classes at Concordia University), Toronto, and Halifax. Currently residing in Berlin, Germany, Suzanne is able to provide voice lessons in preferably English or French, and now has adequate skills in German.

Testimonial from Laure Wasson: "Suzanne is the best voice teacher I have had so far. In the few years I was studying with her, I managed to extend my range, find the techniques that worked for my body, work on amazing rep, and improve in my musicality. The only reason why I'm not studying with her anymore is because I moved to New York. Still have to find a teacher and mentor as amazing as her."

Suzanne Rigden is also a skilled piano teacher for beginner and intermediate students.  


Suzanne has studied vocal pedagogy at Memorial University and University of British Columbia, and has gained great experience on how to teach voice as a young artist at Opera Montreal, and during her two summers at the Merola Opera Program, San Francisco, and summers at Banff, AB, and Tanglewood, MA. For more information on Suzanne's career and teaching credentials and experience, please see her BIO and WHO AM I? pages.

If you have questions for Suzanne Rigden, or would like to schedule one of these services, including voice or piano lessons, vocal coaching and choral workshops, please click on the CONTACT PAGE.