​The Vinland Traveler

by Dean Burry

The Vinland Traveler was commissioned by Memorial University of Newfoundland's Opera Roadshow and toured across the entire province in the spring of 2006.  The tour included performances in Norther Labrador Inuit and Inny schools.  The opera was recorded by CBC Radio and broadcast in the 2006/2007 season of CBC's Musicraft.

​The opera is set in the year 1030 AD.  Snorri, an Icelandic farmer, searches Europe to reveal the story of his parents' journey to the New World.  It is the story of Snorri's own birth and the Viking's struggle to overcome their own violent nature in the face of unknown peril.

The Vinland Traveler is based on the third New World voyage described in The Saga of the Greenlanders and connects the worlds of Medieval Europe to Newfoundland. A comical Puffin makes an appearance to remind the Viking's that life need not be so serious.

Suzanne played the role of the loveable Puffin, as well as the role of the young Ingivildar.

Suzanne Rigden at the Bluenose

Thanks to all who donated to help me exceed my goal the last three years

in support of Symphony Nova Scotia's Education and Outreach program

As promised, I ran in costume! 

Suzanne Rigden at the Bluenose
Suzanne Rigden at the Bluenose

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